Production of sulfur-hexafluoride gas insulated switchgear

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Switchgears play an important role in transmission of electric power. Without them we cannot separate power plants, power lines, transformers in case of any fault, which would cause further failures and higher additional costs. Therefore we have to plan substations attentively in order to be able to make these costs minimize.

Every step of the design and production is controlled by international standards, which ensures acceptable quality. It is essential that these standards must be kept. Switchgears have been developed greatly during their last 100-year application. Because of high energy needs of densely-populated areas, gas insulated substations have been preferred, which require less room. GIS is controlled by LCC, where the right type and sequence of relays provide the correct criteria.

We are continuously measuring all of the units during the process of production in order to obey standards and quality rules. We are observing closing, opening time and speed, current of the drive, delay of the three phases, torque on the circuit breakers, combined earthing disconnectors, high speed earthing switches. On voltage and current transformers we are comparing the design values of the cores with the manufactured ones. For example accuracy, ratio error, rated power. We are performing high voltage and gas tightness tests on shipping units.


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