Examination of High Voltage Composite Insulators

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Throughout the world thus in Hungary as well, silicone composite insulators are present on high voltage networks in significantly big percentage. In terms of their importance, the network errors have to be reduced to the absolute minimum, in which process the insulators have an important role. The thesis aims to acquaint expectations, demands on insulators used on high voltage lines, then the manufacturing processes, quality assurance and diagnostic processes of silicone composite insulators.

The actual cost of the insulator is a small part of the total network costs, but its failure can lead to enormous errors or rather outages. Therefore it is important that the insulator installed on a high voltage line, is appropriate and sturdy as well as resistant to as many impacts as it can withstand during its lifetime. The first part of the thesis deals with all these influences.

Silicone composite insulators are gaining importance in the networks, in which the driving force is their good properties and their prices. The number of silicone composite insulator manufacturers has multiplied in the world during the past decade, with the negative impact of more poor quality and shoddy insulators being present on the market. The second part of the thesis deals with the manufacturing and quality assurance processes of silicone composite insulators. With strict quality control, maximum insulator quality and long lifetimes can be reached. After their installation on the network, diagnostics should be used to detect most of the faults of composite insulators and later failures can be prevented. In the third part of the thesis, these diagnostics are studied in detail.

One specific kind of failure mechanism of silicone composite insulators, are internal flashovers. This means that the flashover happens on the interface of the fiberglass core and the silicone housing material. In the fourth part of the thesis a high voltage silicone composite insulator will be examined, its quality checked. Through the examination, it tries to draw a conclusion about internal flashovers.


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