Development of a robotic platform for inspection of high voltage aerial cables

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

High voltage lines need to be inspected regularly, but this is dangerous and costly task. The automation of such maintenance is spread very few places in the world’s electricity networks. There are a lot of „obstacles” on the high voltage lines (eg. insulators). That is the main reason of the difficulty to move along the wires.

During my master’s thesis I work on a high voltage line inspector robot concenpt, that can works under voltage. My purpose is to make a significant cheaper, simpler and more skilful device. This was to be an universal base, which can be installed subsequently with sensors.

The platform is able to move along the wires, and crossing the suspension insulators as well. The device is pulled with a special insulating rubber rope to the wire. The passage of the insulators is a very important skill, because move along the wire takes only few minutes, but the pulling up/down procedure takes hours, that make long working hours and higher costs. It is able to control data collection by autonomous, and it also can be guided by an operator.

Part of my thesis is the robot's mechanical and electronic design, as well as the programming. The operator-side hardware and software design, and the creation of a demonstrable prototype. The high voltage testing tasks will be held later.


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