High voltage circuit breaker condition assesment using fuzzy systems

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The faultless operation of high voltage switchgear used in today’s power systems is essential for transporting electricity. Continously aging appliances and increasing probability of equipment failure are growing threat, to high scale power systems. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor high voltage equipment properly, using currently available diagnostic methods and tools.

The first part of this document deals with modern asset managament, along with modern maintenance strategies, then it goes on to discuss the most important characteristics of high voltage circuit breakers and circuit breaker diagnostics.

The main topic of my study is condition assesment of high voltage circuit breakers, based on fuzzy logic. The paper presents a previously developed, standard-logic-based expert system for circuit breaker condition assesment , and finally attempts to lay down the basics of a fuzzy-logic-based system, capable of assessing condition, and forecasting high-risk failures, by expoiting the advantages of this new approach to the problem of condition assesment.


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