Evaluation of diagnostic measurements of high voltage circuit breakers

OData support
Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The status of the electric power network is a crucial issue from an economic perspective and also from the point of view of the satisfaction of the users. In this thesis, the condition of high voltage circuit breakers is assessed, which are essential parts of the electric power networks. Organizing and implementing the maintenance of the electric power network is a pressing concern. At the Department of Electric Power Engineering of BME the system of MÁT “circuit breaker condition” is currently under development, which is aimed to facilitate to schedule the maintenances. This specific system contains several parameters based on expert evidences, manuals and standards and using these parameters makes it feasible to measure the condition of high voltage circuit breakers. Regarding the collected data base the following question has been raised - how to consider the huge amount of data in a way to finally obtain only one number on a given scale which describes the condition of the circuit breaker.

To address this question, fuzzy logic has been used during the work, as this innovative mathematical device is widely used among other practitioners. The advantage of the fuzzy system is that it processes the input data as a membership function and not as a discrete number. This benefit makes it feasible to transfer human subjective intuitions into computerized systems. In the beginning, the setup of the system is based on intuitions and later on these are refined.

The final results provided by the system are in line with the initial expectations. However, putting the final results into practice is hindered by the fact that there is not enough information available about the circuit breakers for years and decades back, which would provide some concrete values.


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