Development of a Hgh Voltage Power Source for a devuce with Hartmann-pipe

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In this Thesis Project I observed the Hartmann-tube minimum ignition energy test device located int he VET Department’s laboratory, paying prior attention to the spark generator unit (high voltage direct current power supply). The point of this thesis project was to design a High Voltage Switching Mode Power Supply for the measurment device with reduced weight and size.

I observed the methods of generating high voltage DC for laboratory usage, and choosed the appropiate method for the use in the measurment device. I reviewed the components available in the Department’s laboratory and in the retail trade, what could be used for the project. I observed the solution methods, and I did measurements with the available components in sipmlified circuits. I designed the components of the most appropiate solution (television High-Voltage transformer with original secondary coil and new primary coil), and I got them ready (except the signal generator unit), and I did measurment to controll its appriopiate functioning.


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