Diagnostic tests for ground wires of high voltage transmission lines

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The target in my final thesis is to understand the faults of the ground wires and understand the diagnostic possibilities. I will demonstrate the basic knowledge of the ground wires, and the diagnostic possibilities with RC helicopters.

In the second chapter, I write about the basic knowledge of the ground wires, such as their tasks, construction and possible damages. After that I will inspect them by electrical aspects.

In the third chapter, I will descripe the most common live line maintenance (LLM) techniques, and the basic rules and standards. It is neccessary because the repairing needs LLM, and in the other hand, without RC helicopters, the diagnostic also needs LLM. But this is a very circumstancial option.

In the fourth chapter, I will describe the basic problems and questions about the RC helicopters, and I will compile a criteria, which you can use for choosing the best RC helicopter to a specified task. After that, I will show an example for using this criteria.

In the fifth chapter, I write about an important topci. It is the possibilities and limits of the optical imaging. It is neccessary because without an imaging equipment, diagnostic is not possible


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