Supply through capacitive coupling of radio base station sited on high voltage power line tower

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Dr. Varjú György
Department of Electric Power Engineering


The subject of my thesis is the supply of radio base stations installed on high voltage power line towers through capacitive coupling. The importance of this project lies in the fact that using this method could simplify the installation of radio base stations on high power line towers. Applying the method describen in my thesis would provide an opportunity to use the insulated earth wire, induced by phase conductors, as supply.

First of all I detail the prescript of radio base stations installed on high voltage power line towers without presenting their full specifications. The purpose of this part of the thesis is to expound the complexity of the subject.

Subsequently I present calculation methods of capacitive coupling, starting with the most basic examples of the method applied on two wires, to later introduce the process of complex arrangements through simplified examples, and to finally get to the details of applying the matrix method in specific cases.

Using the matrix method through manual calculation could be highly complicated in the case of applying it on several wires. Manual calculations could be lengthy and may lead to faulty calculations. This problem motivated me to develop an algorithm which can calculate any wire arrangement in Hungary based on its parameters.

The input parameters I use are based on the power line system of Albertirsa–Göd I.–II. 400 kV. I selected the parameters of the section between 128 and 133 towers because I was acquainted with the measurement results of this specific line segment, in addition I also had some results relevant to the section calculated by other softwares. I compared the available measurements and calculation results with my own calculations by MATLAB in order to explore the limits of the application of the matrix method.

Finally based both on calculation and on measurement, the induced values proved to be suitable to operate the battery charger of radio base stations. Consequently this alternative type of power supply of radio base stations is operable.


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