Examination of high voltage transformer dissolved gas analysis

OData support
Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The topic of electricity supply is getting important time to time in the last decade. Service’s and product’s qualities get strong emphasis, because those are important for the correct operation. The operational reliability of services and the high efficiency became important position in energy supply. It is same in the used expansive apparatus maintenance and theirs conditions check. The diagnostic procedures give many possibilities to prevention of failures and theirs detection in time.

Until the diagnostic necessary to know the main information’s of apparatus. With this information possible to be available help to the provider and it can solve the customer’s needs. Nowadays, IT has enough capacity to give a background to develop a complex expert diagnostic system. This expert diagnostic system can test and evaluate the apparatus, plus it take into consideration theirs antecedents and another relevant data. Those data not only measured information. The expert diagnostic system use, all of the information and give a comparative evaluation.

In the dissertation is being written the methods analysis testing and evaluation of large power transformer. After, I wrote about evaluation methods. I used the database of High Voltage Laboratory’s (HGA) with the TRANSYS software (it is developed by Budapest University of Technology and Economics)


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