Automatization of high voltage electric measurements

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Keeping the electric parameters on the right value, and avoiding interruptions of power system are necessary for providing reliable power supply. Live line maintenance plays a main role in providing continuous service, and makes the working on the power system in service possible.

For this kind of working only appropriate devices can be used, which has to be subjected to annual examination, which include dielectric and operation tests.

In my thesis I review the periodic tests and their requirements of the devices used for medium voltage live line maintenance.

In my paper I explain the operation of the high voltage test transformers used for the measurements and the measurement of high voltages and currents.

My main work is the design and implementation of an automated data acquisition and control system for the 250 kV test transformer of the High Voltage Laboratory of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The control system is able to increase the voltage of the transformer to a given value and with this voltage carries out a measurement for the given amount of time on the chosen equipment.


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