Energy- and Cost-Efficient Operation of Large Consumers

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Dr. Raisz Dávid Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In Hungary, in Europe and also globally we can see the phenomenon of growing energy consumption. Not only the electrical energy but all the other sources are more utilized. This growth with the current efficiency is not sustainable in the future. Those technologies which are able to improve the efficiency of the existing equipment can be installed or only those which work with enough efficiency. These solutions requirements are written in standards in accordance with the guideline set by the European Union.

In my thesis first, I study the characteristics of electricity consumption and price changes.

After that I review the existing technologies on the market. I would like to provide most complete image which contains all the possible developments. The first part is about improving the cost-effectiveness like the proper selection of consumer contract. The second part contains the technologies improving the energetic efficiency for example wind generators.

At the end of the theoretical review I study the basics of ROI calculation, to evaluate the investment from this site also.

After that I start to analyses the locations which I have, the energy consumption and also the paid amount.

I have three different places with different profile.

- A hospital which is a typical big consummator

- A studio and rehearsal

- The BME’s Odoo facility

These consumptions and function profiles of these facilities help to find the correct conception for the improvement. The aim was, no greater cost then necessary but the most effectiveness and the shortest return.

Finally I calculate the estimation for the savings and the time the investments’ returns.


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