High-speed analog interface board (V8HAD1) design for PCDSPV8 FPGA/DSP system

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Dr. Koller István
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The aim of this thesis is to realize a multi-purpose, high-speed analog-digital expansion board for the PCDSPV8 high-speed digital signal processing board.

The task includes all the main steps of designing a product: sytem design, details of the functional blocks, analising the different solutions, performing the schematic and layout design appropriate for manufacturing, testing of the manufactured board and carrying out measurements on its functional blocks.

In this work I examine the applicability of various components, construct circuits around the selected components, describe the aspects of the designing process, and present the final design. During realization of the board, the aspects of high-speed digital design had to be taken into account. The results of the various tests (such as measuring the ADC's effective number of bits and the amplitude-characteristics of the band-pass filter) carried out on the system consisting of the manufactured board and the PCDSPV8, are also included.


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