Traffic management of cellular mobile networks with PCRF

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Dr. Do Van Tien
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays portable devices form part of our everyday life. Traffic of radio networks raised fast as mobile devices gained ground and the fourth generation mobile networks got introduced. The fast paced spread of peer-to-peer services was enabled by these new technologies becoming more and more common(e.g.: VoIP, torrent applications). Due to the wide accessibility of such services and applications operators are not only facing issues in traffic management but also in the field of law. To address these – and some other – concerns, the designers of 3GPP introduced PCRF (Policy Charging and Rule Function), a multifunctional tool which is capable of managing the network according to multiple sets of rules simultaneously, and of performing all charging-related tasks.

In my thesis I present a system which enables operators to filter effectively and in real time peer-to-peer traffic – and in particular, bittorrent traffic within – which might yield significant savings in resources and, hence, costs. Moreover it benefits the average user as those generating considerable traffic (by p2p) could not “steal” their share of bandwidth.

In my present work, I will describe what the structure of such a system is like, how it could be realized, what building blocks are needed for a system to perform the task and through which interactions such regulation could be executed. The solution I will present, as well satisfying demands of users, is capable of dynamic permission or filtration of undesirable traffic.


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