Design of high speed digital video splitter card

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Dr. Ruszinkó Miklós
Department of Electronics Technology

In modern times electrotechnical companies are permanently in competition, analog methods have been almost entirely replaced by digital signal transmission. As a result, equipping most households with multiple high resolution displays (like TV screens, monitors or mobile phones) became possible by now. In corporate environment or video studios or at sporting events displays may receive multiple signals as well as one signal may supply several displays. Currently, one of the most widespread digital video tech-nology standard is HDMI. My task is the complete redesign of an existing Lightware product demanded by the discontinuation of the video port processor. Readers of this thesis are provided an insight look into the development of digital video transmission standards, along with presenting the potentials within this field. Af-ter a theoretical overview, the process towards the realization of the reconstructed 4K resolution capable HDMI video splitter product and its detailed specification are dis-cussed. Finally, design considerations in creating the circuit diagram will be outlined.


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