High-speed Data Acquisition Board Design for PCIe/104 Industrial Form Factor PC

OData support
Dr. Koller István
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The topic of the thesis is to create a high-speed data acquisition expansion card for the PCIe/104 embedded PC platform. The task is the complete designing of the expansion card by the specifications, which includes the system planning, detailing of the functional blocks, schematic drawing, PCB creation, manufacturing output generation, and at last the functional analysis of the manufactured card. The physical dimensions of the card are really small so I have to take special care of the noise sensitive parts and traces. On the card there are signals whose frequency is as high as 5GHz, therefore I have to optimize the topology and the tracing signal integrity wise as well. To complete this task I have to complete several sub tasks. I have to create the detailed system plan. Then I have to choose the parts to be used in the card. I have to create the schematic in a CAD software, then create the printed circuit board from the schematic in a CAD software. Finally test the manufactured board.


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