Characterisation of high speed optcal receiver

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Dr. Gerhátné Udvary Eszter
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The topic of my thesis is measuring and taking the more important characteristics of a high speed, up to 20 GHz running optical receiver.

In the first step I made bibliographic searching in the topic of optical networks, receivers mainly, and measuring tools needed to optical measurements. In the first part of the thesis I review the most important types, features, measurable parameters of the photodiodes. In the following I introduce the function of the used measuring tools in the optical telecommunication, and the measurements doing with this tools.

My main activity was the measuring of the optical receiver, evaluation and documentation of the measured results. The measurements can be classed as three big groups: direct current measurements, as well as measuring the signal transmission with subcarrier and in baseband. During the direct current measurements I diagnosed the photo current – optical power characteristics by different bias voltages of the photodiode, calculated the responsibility and the quantum efficiency belonging the characteristics, and measured the dark current. The measurements with subcarrier consisted of diagnosing the frequency response and studying the nonlinearity. The quality of the signal transmission in baseband I characterized with eye diagram, measuring the Q factor, and estimating the bit error rate.

The final part of the thesis is introducing a measure controlling program written by me in Agilent VEE environment, that makes quicker, more accurate measurements possible.


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