Modelling and Assessment of Long-Haul WDM Network Availability

OData support
Dr. Cinkler Tibor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Ensuring the needed reliability requiements between the service end points is a very important aspect in broad network designing. In order to provide a good, and reliable service, it is recommended to minimalize network failures, that causing service unavailability

In case of backbone networks, ensuring continuous connections has great significance, because of the carried aggregated traffic demands. In the first part of my thesis, I introduce the main principles of the WDM technology, and the new network functions, that provide dynamic transport network functions on optical level. These automatisms greatly redound the increasing of the quality of the service, and the reducing of the operative costs.

In the second part of my thesis, I examine the reachable availability value, applying the previously described network elements in a probabilistic test network. I prepared a simple program, to facilitate the availabillity calculations of a given network. After the test cases, I will be able to make conclusions about the required network developement, that can guarantee the given availability level.


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