Implementing application to support team work at companies

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays in organizations, more and more focus is put on group- and project approach. In order to acieve an effective way of working, and to gain maximum profit, a high level of informatics support is required. It is also proven by the fact, that the leading manufacturers have introduced several products (platforms, systems) to support project- and group approach.

In this thesis the theoretical bases (communication, cooperation, coordination (3C)) of group approach are intruduced first, then those are analysed according to their roles and features. Later on, the physical architecture and the components of a typical enterprise is demonstrated. In the demonstration a great emphasis is put on those products that compose the sample assignment. Threse are the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), which is a platform supporting group work and cooperation in enterprises, and the K2 blackpoint (Workflow solution for SharePoint).

A solution used for an enterprise environment is typically based on the integration of more systems and the combination of the appropriate functions. The tools provided by the OEM Products are often proven to be insufficient to match the exact realisation of business needs. Thus, those are needed to be completed with uniquely developed solutions, by using the provided interfaces.

Such an example is shown by the methodology, approach and implementation reviewed in this thesis. In the sample assignment the automatization of the internal ordering process of an enterprise is presented, and also the realization of it on a given platform.

After a short introduction of the development tools, the steps of the development are reviewed, based on the logical architecture and the results of the survey. In addition typical business problems and needs are mentioned, also presenting their possible solutions.

2 WEB Parts have been completed, that support a closer integration of K2 and SharePoint, in order to provide a more effective process handling. The first WEB Part is an extended, personal task list that completes standard functionality with business data. Whereas the second one is a process list, placeable on project web sites to provide the handling of processes connecting to the project.

Several components have been created using unique development in order to complete the funcionality of the process and to give solution to generic business needs. These, mainly SharePoint integration (list, document library management) solutions can be re-used later in other processes.

At the end, the experiences gained during the development, the results and the possibility for further improvements are presented.


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