Enterpise IT Infrastructure Monitoring with Open Source Technologies

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, it is important that a company’s services run without error, and correctly work on 365 days of a year. To achieve this, they must grant full control over their resources. Companies can achieve control by a management tool, or monitoring system and by using nearly real time data they can prevent any error. Also important that some companies can provide product support to check, if the user is using the product as intended, and they can fix any issues before customer can report an error.

The ULX Kft.’s SuliX product family operates school infrastructures by SuliXerver operating system, and occasionally it has an incompetent administrator. The company provides technical support for schools, and for this reason it needs a functioning monitoring system.

The goal of my thesis was to develop an agent-based data collection through HTTPS protocol, into an open source monitoring tool named Zenoss, which is already working on the company’s system. Secondary goal was to improve system efficiency and reduce the network load. Achieve all of this i needed to create an inner module named ZenPack. I searched for other open source monitoring tools to understand their advantages and disadvantages, and to understand the monitoring process.


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