Automated population and testing of a customer management solution at a large company

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Telecommunication companies emphasize the software development and testing processes of their customer relationship management solutions. The testing part of the process is critical in terms of quality, and doing it efficiently requires time- and money investment. Testing processes often deal with test customers already in the system, but the process of putting these customers in the system extends the time needed to perform tests. The automated creation of test data could mean decreased time- and money investment if done efficiently.

This essay introduces the customer and resource management solution of Vodafone Hungary, and explores the possibilities of creating test data in this system. The essay also examines the feasibility of creating test data during the development process of HP Hungary.

The paper explores test automation methodologies and tools considering the creation of test data in HP test systems. It also shows the tools used for the development process, and guides through the design phase of this process. The paper also shows the problems and the solutions to those problems that arose during designing and development.


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