Consistent service ordering modul implementation in Customer Relationship Management of an enterprise

OData support
Dr. Cinkler Tibor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The aim of the thesis is implementing the scenario of a modul of an enterprise CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management). The resource-intensive tasks of the company can not be achieved in CRM, so it should be relieved. That’s why these tasks should be carried out on a copy of the system. The completion of the job has been accomplished from the client manager's point of view, who is responsible for manual intervention, therefore the number of mistakes needs to be minimized.

The first three chapters of the thesis include the survey of the literature: definition and functions of the CRM system, the architecture of the system for the enterprise customer management and presentation of the basics and "enemies" of the algorithms used in the module.

Further will be presented to the development of typos’ algorithm, and also the keyboard supervisor program which I created and, which, depending on the misspelled words, gives proposal for the correct one. The characters are determined by their position on the keyboard, so in case of data recording job, wrong typing is scouted with greater emphasis. Then I compare my solution with similar technologies which are used in present technology.

Finally, I present the scenario of module, query and implement codes for the testing of customer’s data. In conclusion, I summarize my experiences gained during my thesis.


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