Development of enterprise thin client environment on Windows platform

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

Based on the demand of the business, an environment must be created which enables users to easily access and launch different environments, terminal servers, programs. It must be compatible with all current hardwares and softwares and should not require the purchase of any power source, moreover, it should operate even on the weakest p4 computers. For users, it should not make everyday's tasks harder but it should support easier work! For the helpdesk, it should provide an application which can help them support users. Based on the specifications of the demand of the business, I divided the tasks into three large parts:

• Creating the Thin Client environment

I turned the current Rich Client environment into Thin Client environment, which limits the options of the users, since they cannot launch anything else, only for what they have authorization and the application written by me allows; but with all these, it is much easier to handle, it is easier to overwiev and it is clearer.

• Creating an application for users

The application created for Thin Client environment, which I call ThinShell, enables users to access certain applications, terminal servers. Its interface is simple and clear and users can use it without any training. It has some extra functions, too, which can be accessed from the Settings menu, such as information about the user, the computer (user ID, PC name, mac address, IP address). Users can set the size of the application from here, they can customize signs under the buttons or can set the sound of the operating system.

• Creating application for support

The program created to support the ThinShell program and the Thin Client, which I call ThinShell DB Viewer, is to help the work of the helpdesk and the dekstop support. With this application the log, statistics, profile charts generated into the database by the ThinShell program can be inquired, which enables the professional support staff to access information from far without getting the user to say anything, such as the MAC address of the computer.


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