Electrical aspects of corporate energy audits

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis, I have examined the electrical aspects of corporate energy audits in Hungary.

Among other things, hereby I present the legal background of energy audits, and I also study what major steps must be taken during the process of auditing via an example of a company.

Mainly focusing on electric energy issues, I study the electricity supply points of the examined site and the tariffs applied in the electricity market. I mention how the quality of the electricity supply of the establishment could be improved, and the possibility of using renewable energy. Furthermore, I also examine the potential of the installation of an integrated energy monitoring system.

In the cases of the proposed developments, I consider both energy and cost saving aspects and -where appropriate-, make payback estimations and lifetime cost savings.

In conclusion of my thesis, I have given the results of my calculations and the overall justification of the energy audits and their hoped-for benefits.


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