Optimization of WDM metro network

OData support
Dr. Gerhátné Udvary Eszter
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The task was to design a new mesh network instead of the existing network, which contains four separate DWDM rings. All the rings contain 5 nodes, and they create a network with 13 nodes. In some nodes the rings meet but the transit between them currently not possible. The current demands would require the passage between the rings. The aim is to create a new optimal mesh network topology

To achieve this, I have determined the trails relative location from each other and displayed them graphically. I collected the service demands from the network, and prepared the unified integrated demand matrix from them.

According to the networks physical route, the unified integrated demand matrix and the optimization strategy (such as using the fewer multiple sections, the shorter sections, the fewer number of nodes and the lower degree of nodes) I make a proposal to a new mesh network topology.

Through a typical connection I show the planning steps of the balance of the dispersion and power. Then I do the same in the whole network with network design software. During the planning I take into consideration to minimize the number of the devices to be purchased (including using the latest 100G technology). Finally, I determined that the currently available equipments where and how could be used in the new network, and what kind of and how much additional equipment is required.


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