Preparation and investigation of nanoporous alumina anti-reflective coatings

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Dr. Juhász László
Department of Electron Devices

In this thesis, we made single cristal silicon solar cells, and we made on them thin (~70 nm) nanoporous aluminium oxide layers as antireflection (AR) coating by anodic oxidation. Before the manufacturing of the solar cells, we made anodic aluminium oxide layers on pure silicon wafers. We defined the solar cells’ structures from these experiences. The thesis contains the planned structues’ thin-film optic simulations and the fabrication’s steps. We also made a referecne solar cell, with a thermally growth, 100 nm thick silicon dioxide layer as the AR coating. As we finished the manufacturing, we measured the solar cells’ electrical characteristic under illumination, and the spectral responses of them. We also measured the reflection coefficients of the new wafers, which were different from our expectations. Probably this not optimal reflection profiles resulted the smaller efficiency of the novel stuctures than the reference solar cell’s. At the end of the study I examined the possibilities of technological improvement.


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