Introduction of advantages and disadvantages of solar photovoltaics, integration of measureable aspects into student laboratory

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Numerous countries around the world are dealing with the use of renewable energy. The reason for this is the increased energy demand, the environmentally friendly replacement of fossil fuels and their finite availability. My choice to deal with this topic is because I think it really matters today and also in the future. The issue is very complex, from which I have dealt with the following.

I give a brief overview of the use of renewable energy sources, especially the use of solar energy world-wide, and I write about the consumption and production ratio of Hungary, and about the future plans. I summarize the regulations that should be met in Hungary, especially for small-scale household power plans. I also analyze domestic product charges. I describe the technological and physical requirements according to the legal requirements.

I will examine the advantages and disadvantages of using solar cells. The analysis is based on indicators from the production of panels, up to disposal- environmental, technological and other aspects. Furthermore I compare various ways of energy production and the solar energy unit costs of energy produced over a lifetime.

In addition, one part of my dissertation is the research of network reactivity of solar-powered small-scale household power plants that regenerate the network. In this area, it is important to count on that how the existing distribution network can absorb the generated energy.

Taking into account the above, I make a proposal for a possible educational laboratory class, which the solar power plant at the top of the BME V1 building allows. To elaborate this I review the theoretical bases of solar cells and detail the elements of the given system. To make the future measurement work possible, I also write a description of the software used for data acquisition.


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