Evaluation of the effect of solar PV installations on the amount of harmonics on low-voltage distribution grids

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

To achieve sustainable development, renewable energy sources became more and more essential nowadays. The advantageous of solar systems like cheap prices and easy installation made it frequent at the low-voltage grid. In my thesis I monitor how the solar systems influence low-voltage gird’s harmonic situation. I use Neplan software for the simulations.

In the first part of my thesis, I deal with the expansion and law background of the alternative energy sources. I highlight the changes and future prognosis for the next years and decades.

The second part of my thesis contains the academic background of the harmonics.

In the third chapter of my thesis, I describe the regulation of the low-voltage grid.

The fourth part includes the low-voltage grid’s harmonic sources, solar systems and consumers.

I underline the process of consumers becoming a harmonic current source.

It was very essential for me to create a real model. In the fifth chapter, I present the simulation’s grid model topology and its elements. To make a very real monitoring, I made different category about consumers’ power consumption. I present the simulation’s solar systems as well.

As for the sixth chapter, with the help of Neplan software I ran loadflow and harmonic simulations to PV penetration grids. I monitor how the grid’s voltage difference, the direction of the power flow and the THD, THDi change during the whole process. In this part I compare and analyse the determined outcomes.

In the seventh final part, I make a conclusion how solar systems influences low-voltage grid’s harmonic situation. In addition, I make a proposal how to solve the disadvantageous of harmonic effects.


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