Application of thermal transient testing methods for solar cell characterization

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

By the development of semi-conductor devices, the dissipated quantity of heat on the surface unit showing an ascendant tendency. It is necessary to ensure their suitable refrigeration in order to hinder the overheating of the devices. Nowadays, the most important occurred technological narrow during planning is the reduction of heat.

In my dissertation I give an overview of the function of the solar cells, and the most widespread solar cell types. I made examinations on different solar cell structures, and a procedure was being used for the measurement of thermal resistance, the adaptability of the thermal transient testing. My primary aim to demonstrate the possibility of the quality control and a responsibility test of the structure. I made examinations using thermal transient measurements to check the procedure and the exploration of the mistake opportunities. In the course of my experiments I examined the reproducibility of the measurements. I made measurements to understand the behavior of the definition of the thermal transient with electric transient counting as a parasite phenomenon. Through big electric transient we can lose a considerable quantity from the useful data, so we have to find a solution, how we can obtain the absent information. From this reason Therefore I made thermal transient simulations on the structure with a simulator program, and hereby I examined the opportunity of substituting the absent thermal transient section with simulated results.


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