Development and control of a solar inverter with DSP

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Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The goal of my thesis is to develop and build a solar inverter with power 600W.

Three solar cells with 200W can be attached to the input of the device. The equipment can convert the fluctuant voltage of the solar cells into 24V alternating voltage with frequency 50Hz.

The main submodules of the converter are the boost converter that is a switched-mode power supply. The second part is an accumulator that is the basis of the island operation. The third part is the full bridge inverter that produces the 24V alternating voltage with frequency 50Hz. The last part is an LC filter that filters out the switch frequency from the produced signal.

My first task is to design the circuit diagram and choose the appropriate parts. The next step is designing the layout. Than I have to build the device. My final task is to write the embedded software and to make the tests.

The running out fossil energy sources have high price and because of them the air pollution is increasing. Because of these facts the usage of renewable energy sources is necessary. The solar energy is one of these alternative energy sources. I have already dealt with solar systems because I designed a solar collector control panel. Because I would like to continue this theme I choose the topic of solar cell controlling.

My aim is not just dealing with renewable energy sources but to have elaboration in power electronic.



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