Preparing a solar system for students laboratory

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Dr. Dán András
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The enhancement of the role of renewable energy sources in global and European energy policies becomes more and more significant these days. In Hungary, photovoltaic power systems – especially those that are able to supply energy to public electric networks – constitute a dynamically improving part of renewable energy production. Because of their increasing incidence, observation and analysis of their operation and their consequential effects on the electric network has become indispensable by now.

The subject of my thesis is the preparation of a student-measurement of such a system that is brought into effect at the Department of Electric Power Engineering of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. This system is a small power plant that consists of photovoltaic modules and also regenerates into the electric network.

The preparation involves two main processes. One of them is selecting the needed instruments for the measurement, and giving a technical description of the whole system. The other one is laying the theoretical foundation of the measurement and writing a measurement guide for students. The chapters of the thesis follow the approaches described above.

In the chapter “Summary of theoretical basics”, I review the theoretical background of the instruments and the measurement. I also present a suggestion for the certain measurement tasks, and state the necessity of the various measuring instruments. In the chapter “Instrumentation”, I introduce the components of the power plant and the measuring apparatus. Besides the description of each measuring instruments, I elaborate on the major points that were taken into account at the selection of the equipments, and I also sum up the necessary theoretical backgrounds connected to it. In the end, I make a suggestion to a concrete measurement that can be carried out by students. It appears in the chapter “Measurement guide for students”, which preserves the form of measurement guides that are in practice. As a matter of fact, the aforementioned chapter can be used subsequently and individually by students, as an instruction sheet of real measurements. The appendix contains a sample measurement record.


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