Assembling of a phtovoltaic measurement system

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays most people try to utilize renewable energy sources to generate electrical- and thermal -energy. The topic of my thesis is to analyze a specific photovoltaic system, and to design, and create its measurement system. In my opinion the most important goal of my thesis is to create a valuable measurement guide for the future students of Budapest University of Technology and Economics and it is also useful for future researches. This system is mounted on the rooftop of building V1.

Among others I have dealt with the general household sized photovoltaic systems, solar panels and inverters, described the used solar panels and inverters. My next step was to review the components of the measurement system. Then we created a detailed plan about instruments, transmitters, power sources and their connections with each other. Meanwhile we paid attention to the optimal placement of the devices, and to select the appropriate cables for communication and power transmission.

There were differences between the planned and the implemented system of which I’ve mentioned. These will be also described. I went through the configuration of the instruments and the data collector device. All parameters are available in real time and the collection of the data is persistent.


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