PV systems' shading analysis and optimal shading string loss calculation

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Using renewable energy sources is becoming more and more popular nowdays, therefore solar system are gaining traction. Photovoltaic systems have the most dynamically improving in-built capacity. Solar systems are using the power of the sun, therefore, it is obvious that shading is an issue. In my thesis issues of partial shading are shown, also different solutions to minimalize the harmful effects.

Due to active research and development in the solar industry, solar panels have become cheaper, hence the price of the mounting and racking systems became responsible for a bigger part of the total cost. My task was to give a comprehensive picture of the different PV system installations, mounting and racking system in the market.

During the semester I worked with a 3D modelling program (SketchUp). With its help I made a solar system model for a flat roof and a PV plant model. SketchUp and its plugins can calculate shading losses. Based on the result the optimal spacing between rows can be calculated.

Int he last part of my thesis my task was to design a 50kW PV system in AutoCAD. These types of designs are needed for planning permissions and also contain the wiring for the system.


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