Examination of parameters affecting the efficiency of solar photovoltaics

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I am going to throughoutly examine the options of optimization of the technical parameters and the specifications occuring at the desing of photovoltaic small power stations in the 0,3-20 MW performance range. During my work, I rely on the Hungarian conditions and continental climate as base.

In the field of photovoltaic power stations to select the most corresponding specifications, which includes the type of the inverter, the Sun following system, the solar panel technology, isn’t simple at all in our days because numerous emerging technologies and solutions are present on the market.

During the design phase/planning period the main aim of developing comprehensive view should be sought too when selecting parameters like the the line distance, orientation, or the charasteristics of the solar panel and inverter, because the ultimate goal is to increase the resultant efficiency of the solar panel system without diminishing the safety of the system.

The chosen specifications, the amount and temporality of the energy produced by the PV system are greatly influenced by the environment and its attributes. Under these, mainly the meteorological and geographical conditions are meant. Secondly, the shadow effect belongs here too, which mainly plays a role in case of systems attached to (industrial) roofs but on conditions of a small power station built on the ground the solar panel modules can shadow each other too. In my thesis, I take these factors into consideration too.

With every factor, I present in detail the mechanism of the effect which influences the energy production and the reason behind the dependency of the parameter. Based on the experience resulting from the analysis I try to make appropriate proposals to optimize the design practice.


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