Solar panel remote management

OData support
Dr. Rácz György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In our energy producing and consuming society using renewable energy sources are playing a very significant role. Utilizing the enormous energy of the Sun is one of the most practical way to use a renewable energy source. Solar cell systems, aka. photovoltaic systems are widely used, and are a good example of this utilization.

In my thesis I developed an intelligent, complex solar power system, using a module, which is designed to convert sunlight to electricity. A solar cell module is used for charging a specific type of accumulator. Voltage sensors are connected to the charger controller, and are capable of querying the actual state of the charging. Using the built-in GSM module we can remotely collect information of the device, e.g. we can read the actual values of the sensors, or even get a notification, if something went wrong. These information are very valuable for the customer and the supporting engineers as well. The customer is notified about the need of repair or replacement of a solar cell module or a rechargeable battery, before it goes wrong, in order to secure a smooth functioning without any outages. The company could also benefit from the information of the customer’s consuming trends.

These systems are capable of supplying electricity to family houses, or weekend houses with low electrical consumption. We can also use these systems on vehicles – typically on ships, where using solar energy is very practical.

There are inputs and the outputs of the product that are capable of connecting more sensors, and external devices to enhance the possibilities, and even the customer can make improvements of the designed solar cell system.


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