Examination of parameters affecting operational efficiency of solar photovoltaic systems

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The world is beginning a transition from a centralized power system toward a more decentralized model relying to a larger extent on renewable energy sources, such as solar energy. This pattern is also recognizable in Hungary, the photovoltaic generation growth is exponential in the country. The understanding of finished PV projects and the review of PV optimization and inspection tools can give key lessons to the future Hungarian solar investments.

In the first half of my thesis, I will simulate and optimize the layout of a 4,7 MWp Hungarian PV plant, using PVsyst software. With every factor, I present in detail the mechanism of the effect, which influences the energy production and the reason behind the dependency of the parameter.

In the second half of my thesis, I will delineate the operational issues that are influencing the production of photovoltaic power plants. I will introduce the role of operation and maintenance, which can mitigate these potential risks and improve the levelised cost of electricity using on-field diagnostic methods, such as IR inspection.

The amount and temporality of the energy produced by the lifetime of a PV system are greatly influenced by the proper design and the high-quality operation and maintenance. Based on the experience resulting from the analysis I try to make appropriate proposals to optimize the design and operation practice of photovoltaic systems.


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