Design of the electric system in a family house with PV system

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The waning fossils energy and the more and more conscious energy management has an impulsive effect on the market of renewable energy. This kind of energy production is not a privilege anymore, an average salary family also has possibility to produce green energy. Several people consider the solar energy as the future power supply. Its advantages are the minimal environmental impact and the low cost.

In my thesis I have estimated the energy demand of a renovated and expanded family house, and I planned its electronic system. To be as precize as it is possible I used an architects's plans. I took into consideration the interests of the future inhabitants of the house and technical aspects. I assess the opportunities to use solar panels as an additive power supply. I planned the solar system which provides the family house, considering the roof orientation and the shape of the building.

I considered a really existing house, so the civil design and the concrete questions of the solutions were given from the real life.


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