Design of a solar charger module

OData support
Dr. Dülk Ivor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, there is a increasing demand of electronic instruments, however their use is restricted if there is a longer period without electricity infrastructure. In case of several days of excursions and camps, when we can’t access electricity infrastructure, we should solve our electricity needs by other means.

In this thesis, I presented the concept of a modular, portable energy island that can serve the energy needs of a smaller camp. Then I selected one of the modules of this system, the solar charging unit, I described power source, solar cell, MPPT algorithm, and DC/DC converter used as a changer. I chosen a DC/DC converter topology, I explained the operation of this topology, and I designed the converter based on former specification. I not only simulated the operation of the circuit, but also checked it with laboratory measurements.

During my attempt, I got the chance to know how to charging batteries with solar energy. In addition, I also got a deeper view of the electronic power solution possibilities for power converters.


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