Energy Efficiency Impacts of a Solar Home

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The world’s growing population requires more and more energy each year. Traditional fossil fuels and energy sources are available only in limited amount. Burning them results in large quantities of greenhouse gases, and other environment polluting substances getting into the atmosphere. Nowadays environmental protection is getting an increasingly important question, hence the satisfaction of the constantly growing energy demand of mankind with environmentally friendly energy is a relevant issue.

Making extensive use of the energy coming from the Sun is one of the best methods of lowering the emission of environmentally polluting substances. Photovoltaic cells permitting the conversion of solar energy directly to electric energy have decreasing costs, thus more and more buildings are set up with photovoltaic systems.

In my thesis I present the main types, structures and characteristics of photovoltaic power-supply systems typically used in houses. I examine the energetic system of the Odoo passive house, which was designed by the students of Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I analyze whether the building’s energetic system accomplishes the goals appointed during the planning, and the effectiveness of power usage . I investigate the negatively influencing factors of the building’s long term energy-efficiency.

In conclusion in my thesis I search for opportunities of improvement and revision towards enhancement of energy-efficiency of the Odoo passive house.


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