Increasing the Efficiency of the Power Generation of a Home Building Powered by Solar Cells

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The use of renewable energy has become more important nowadays, because of the growing pollution of our environment. The protection of our planet and the pollution free energy production have become a really important issue. Increased number of countries decides in favor of abandoning or reducing their mass pollutant power plants. Instead of those power plants these countries are in search for more recent, more innovative sollutions. They are trying to inspire their citizens with strong allowances, opportunities to bulid renewable energy used power plants at home. The house called Odoo is a result of these intentions. I make a review of the house’s photovoltaic system in my thesis. My purpose is to increase the house’s energy efficiency. I evaluate new systems installation opportunities. I estimate the house energy consumption. This includes consumption of household appliances and machinery equipments. I sum up the currently installed system energy output. Then I demonstrate how can the different photovoltaic systems produce more energy and how can these systems satisfy the energy needs of the house without waste. In the last chapter I make return calculations on the possible investments considering the Hungarian allowances.


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