Data Management Shell of the Firmware of a Solar Converter

OData support
Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My essay is written about the programming of the data management processor of a solar converter that was developed by the Hungarian development team of Hyundai. The mentioned processor is placed on a separate card in the inverter. Its main tasks are communication and display.

The user can make contact with the inverter with the help of this card. The card displays the actual measurement values, in case of error it shows the actual error code and error message. Nevertheless the human-machine interface includes the communication with the remote user interface application. I wrote this application within the context of this essay. In my study I will demonstrate the applied communication channels, the communication protocol, the advantages of the application and the extra features.

In addition the communication card can update the software of itself and the digital signal processors. This feature makes the card really unique in the operation of the whole solar converter. The update of its own software is performed by a bootloader which starts after startup. I am going to share the details of the designing of the bootloader, the memory allocation and the implementation.

One of the goals of the current development is to replace the PLC-s in the central inverters with the communication and display card. Due to the results achieved so far, I reckon that this is a realistic idea.

I learned pretty much on the structure and programming of embedded systems while working on this essay.


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