The Application of Photovoltaic Power Plants in the Power System

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Solar energy is considered by many people as an energy source that can mainly be useful on the level of the individual consumers, and a significant share of a country's energy demands could be satisfied with it if the solar pv-modules and collectors installation among individuals spread enough. However, we can see a worldwide trend, dictate by USA, Germany and some other countries, that the share of electricity generated in solar power plants is become more and more significant. These plants means pv plants at moderate climate, while at warmer climate the quite promising concentrated solar thermal power spread quickly.

In my thesis I looking through the history of utilizing solar energy, and I also show in it's devices. I try to make economical calculations for a small scale solar pv plant in Hungary, because I think economical considerations will be dominate if these plants could resound in our country. I also make show in the solar thermal power plants operation - not because if it could be used under moderate hungarian climate, but mainly because I couldn't find a useful summary in hungarian about this topic


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