Solar power plant planning and construction from the conception plan to the completion

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays, we can hear about solar power plants more and more, and we can also

see them along the roads and in the countryside. In my thesis I will examine the

technologies used in these types of solar power plants and the ideal technical solutions to

be applied.

In the first part of the document I discuss the technical solutions and the devices

designed in the solar power plant according to the logic of the power transmission path

in the power plant. I look at what electrical network structure can be applied within the

solar power plant and which inverters have the disadvantages and advantages. Then,

through an analysis, I present, under certain conditions, what type and how many of solar

panels are the best to connect to one inverter, in order to maximize the energy production

and efficiency of the production.

In the second part of my thesis, I will explore through the analysis of the power

plant where it is worth placing the inverters in terms of material costs, design time, time

and cost of the construction, and the advantages and disadvantages of the various options.

I then study the advantages and disadvantages of deviating the azimuth angle of the solar

panels from 0° in terms of production, construction and material cost. In this field,

especially in the field of semiconductor manufacturing and inverter production, there is a

huge development of manufacturing technology. In the light of this thesis, I will look at

what kind of "smart" technologies are worth investing in solar power plants in the future,

considering the entire lifecycle of the plant.


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