Investigation of Thermal Ageing of Cables in Photovoltaic Fields

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Dr. Tamus Zoltán Ádám
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The main interest of this work is to study the effect of thermal aging on the electrical parameters of Cross-Linked Polyolefin Photovoltaic cables. Through the writing and experimentation of this thesis, have further understanding of the insulation materials types of photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic cables and photovoltaic cables such as Cross-Linked Polyethylene and Cross-Linked Polyolefin. And extensive literature review helps learned some principles of cable aging and common experimental inspection methods. With the help of the instructor and the colleagues, the accelerated heat aging experiment was planned, and the corresponding experimental measurement work was completed with the aid of laboratory related equipment. The data obtained by the measurement was evaluated and analyzed. Finally, the thesis was completed.

Chapter one describes the relevant background information of this research topic and the significance of this research. Then briefly introduce some of the documents have read, and then introduce the photovoltaic power generation system and thus lead to the introduction of photovoltaic cables. Finally, I introduced some cases of cable aging.

In the second chapter, this paper mainly introduces the cable. Based on the basic introduction of the photovoltaic cable, some features and advantages of PVC, XLPE and XLPO materials are introduced in detail.

In the third chapter, this paper introduces some commonly used measurement methods, describes the principle and implementation of these methods, and points out which methods will be used in this paper. This chapter is very important because it is the basis of the actual experimental measurement and conclusion analysis.

In the fourth chapter, this article describes how I design and plan experiments, and the preparation of related experiments.

In the fifth chapter, I use the clearer and clearer way to process the data results obtained by the experiment, so that the display of the results is more conducive to the subsequent comparative research and analysis, and is also more conducive to readers' reading and understanding.

In the sixth chapter, this paper studies, evaluates and processes the experimental data, and makes corresponding icons corresponding to the data, observes the changes and rules of the corresponding curves, analyzes and discusses, and obtains corresponding conclusions.

In the last chapter, I summarize all the content of this article and show the planning for future work.


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