Design of Human Machine Interface and Communication System for Solar and Wind Power Converters

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Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My essay is written about the design of the graphic user interface and communication system of three-phase inverter harnessing renewable sources of energy (for example solar and wind-power).

In the beginning I present the antecedents and efficient causes. I exhibit the relevant chapters of literature: Modbus protocol, RS-485. I will give a detailed description of the central unit of the inverter, which is called WinPAC. I demonstrate the inverter monitoring system used in practice comparing it against other solutions. The block diagram helps a lot to understand the essay.

I write about the steps of development of the user interface starting with the simplest tools through difficult functions ending with the result while pointing out the weak points of the former version. I treat of the creation of the numeric and alphanumeric keyboard and the drawing of charts: reading the values, handling data tables in the cases of daily and weekly charts.

I reformed the communication system using the help of Modbus protocol defined in former chapters of this essay making it direct between the PAC and PVC board. I give examples of the new functions written by me.

In the last chapters I compare the inverter with the rivals, summarize the experiences and draw out the aftertime.

Frankly, I hope that my work will have sequel because I enjoyed the new challenges, the continuous learning and the practical side of engineering. I believe that I can apply my acquired experiences in the future with success.


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