Development of a Daily Activity Simulator

OData support
Dr. Pataki Béla József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The topic of my thesis is the development of a daily activity simulator, which can be used to easily generate daily activity sequences. These sequences could help the development of ambient assisted living (AAL) applications.

First I show a brief overview of related researches in the field. I show a laboratory created by MIT, where they are collecting activity sequence data from real-life conditions. I'll point out that such laboratories are very expensive, and using a simulator to generate such data could provide a cheaper solution. The other articles I show are focusing on daily activity recognition and my point is that even if they have the sensors data it's still hard to precisely detect the correct activities.

Next I present a specification of a model. This model contains the following modules: person, environment, simulator, view, input. During the implementation I'll show what classes, variables and functions I used, and how each model works with flowcharts.

Using various test I'll show the program is working properly, then using the experience I gathered during the planning and implementation I propose further developments.


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