Development of a log parser application in .NET

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Most of the applications developed nowadays use log files in order to record the most important events, for example errors or warnings, during the operation of the program. These events are stored different ways, they are written into text files in the simplest cases. In my thesis I only deal with this latter type of logging. Text log files are usually most useful for the developers of the application, since they can gather information about running and they can find the reason of the incorrect behaviour during the development phase. Text log files can be read with the simplest text editors. Log files however can contain huge number of records so for the developer it can be a complicated task to find a given record of interest.

My task was to support the analyzation and visualization of a given log format. As a first step of my work I examined the existing standard log formats. The reason of this job was to clarify the difficulties of log file handling and to be able to develop my application in a most general way.

The second step was the testing of existing log parser applications. I wanted to see if there are existing applications which can analyze the special format logs of my task. I also wanted to examine the functions provided by these software in order to use these experiences during developing my application.

During my work I paid special attention to create a robust and effective parsing process with a satisfying speed at the same time. I also took care to develop a user friendly application to present log file information in a clear, easily readable way.


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