Design of an LED-based modular solar simulator

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

The thesis describes the designing of a solar simulator, which is realized as a LED-based (Light-Emitting Diode) device. This equipment is part of the measurement of I-V characteristics of solar cells.

The aspects of the work were given by the requirements specified in the standards for solar simulators, as well as the placement of the electronics for keeping a modular design while producing optimal thermal characteristics.

For the first step I had to upgrade my previous work, a light simulation software created in MATLAB. After the development I simulated and tested many types of LEDs with the sofware. I investigated different numbers and arrangements of the LEDs, for reason of minimizing the number while keeping the same results as before. Also I needed the space for placing the control electronics on the same module. To verify the usability of the software, I made some comparative measurements.

The second step was measuring and designing the circuit. I had to study different realizations of similar concepts and choose the optimal for the module. It also became important to learn the operation of the module outside of the simulation, and make the decisions about the hardware components based on this experience. Then I designed the modular circuit in Altium Designer software keeping the thermal characteristics in mind. I had to choose the right set of frames, connectors and wiring for the modular design.

The following work shows the decelopment process, describes the possibility of the realization. Also the design is related to the orientation of the development of the Department.


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