Development of Navigational and Environmental Data Acquisition System

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

I have chosen the further development of an environmental sensor system developed in the course of my university studies and the design and building of its more compact version, as the theme of my thesis.

The basic lines of duty of the universal measuring instrument are collecting information about the environment, processing and forwarding telemetric data through the appropriate media to the user/serves. The universal measuring instrument made for educational aims had some disadvantages too arising from its universal characteristics. This equipment has been transformed in hardware and software terms in the course of implementation of new aims. An ecosystem has been made which is not compatible with former existing systems.

Main environmental parameters to be measured are humidity, temperature, air pressure, position, dynamic data such as GPS data, acceleration and angular rate. I have set a real time telemetric logging made on a model plane as my distant aim, but the data link and expansionism include the potency of autonomous controlling.

We can also apply such a device in lots of surfaces of object. We can add or remove some components and in this way we can change modularly the integrity level and the functions of the system which can be adjusted according to the given requirements. Besides the appropriateness for logging and forwarding the environmental data this instrument can function with a highly developed energy managing for a long time and it can also be appropriate for tracking fleet or goods and can be applicable in sport if we supplement it with a sphygmograph so it can be used as a virtual coach.

A user interface is needed for data processing which hides the logged data and represents the required information for the user. The interface is made up of PC programs in which a real time telemetry can be find and can save data packets independently of the user.

During the development of the equipment I tried to strive for facility of reproduction, not to develop a particular equipment so it is to be hoped that it will appear as a product later on.


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