Navigation system development for the KUKA youBot platform

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

One could call today's booming industrial expansion the fourth industrial revolution or

'Industry 4.0'. In the past, the main cause of the industrial revolutions were induvidual

scientic or technical inventions, like the steam engine. However, today it is rather the

information technology's close relationship with the automation, which causes the extraordinary

development of the industry.

In Industry 4.0, robots are not acting as separate machines, but more likely as small,

connecting pieces of a greater information system. Many people think that one of the

flagships of Industry 4.0 are mobile robots, which are already taking a great part in the

industrial production. As the technology advances, mobile robots are likely to perform

much more complex and greater tasks not only individually, but rather cooperating with

each other.

In my Thesis, I develop a navigation system for the KUKA youBot, which will contain

the manual control solution of the robot as well as the possibility of executing complex

autonomous motions with the robot.

The holonomic robot with the robot arm itself is not able to meet the industrial requirements

itself - because of its size-, but it can be used as a demonstration and reconstruction

material. In the Thesis, the controlling of the robot platform and the robot arm is implemented

using the methods of the control theory. After that, I integrate the robot to the

KUKA Sunrise Workbench, a KUKA engineering software. Doing this, the youBot will be

able to perform all the previously implemented motions, so that those can be inspected

and even improved in the future. Having the integrated into the Sunrise Workbench, the

robot will be a part of a working system that is already being used in several places in the


The final result of this thesis is an automated guided vehicle which is able to perform

and reconstruct tasks in a real production example, cooperating with other robots while

being part of the Industry 4.0 information system.


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