Electric energy supply of a four flat house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My task is to complete an electricity plan of a condominium in my thesis. The electricity system of the condominium will be also supplemented by a solar cell system.

In the first phase of the planning I determine the electricity needs of the apartment. By considering this need, I also plan from the branching off point of the electrical low-voltage interface main cable to the main distribution point of the consumers. In my thesis I intend to show a general distribution of the electricity, and the electricity plan of a typical condominium included the protection devices.

In the second part of my thesis I intend to plan a solar cell system which helps the consumers to supply their electricity system with additional power. This part will contain the analysis of the physical and the legal background of this question. I define the peculiarities of the inverter and the parameters of the solar cell system which can help the engineer to choose the proper one.

This is a very complicated task which needs prudent planning because the engineer has to be aware of the current electricity standards and regulations.

I became familiar with these questions during I was writing my thesis. The electricity and other parameters are planned by considering the special needs of these processes.

Within the frames of the Thesis Planning 1 Seminar, I have done a research in the current literature and I got to know the first steps of the electricity planning which helped me to establish the basic principles of my thesis.

The main goals of the Thesis Planning 2 Seminar were to plan and define the processes and parameters of the planning of the electricity system, and a plan of a solar cell system was added to it.


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